8 Things That Almost Killed Us But Will Save Our Kids' Lives

flower child

There's nothing like nostalgia to turn those glasses on your face rose-colored -- particularly when it comes to those free-range '70s and '80s childhoods. But are we perhaps over-romanticizing those under-scheduled, vaguely-supervised days? When you really take a look at the facts, our kids are a lot safer than kids of yesteryear (not to mention better fed and more age-appropriately entertained).

Sure, kids today might be under a bit more pressure than we were, but they have lots of pretty great (and life-preserving!) stuff we didn't have as children. Check out some of the fabulous innovations today's kids are fortunate enough to take for granted, and take the opportunity to thank your lucky stars you made it out of childhood in one piece! 

Did your parents use #3 when you were a kid?


Image via © iStock.com/MeganKPhotos