20 Signs You're a Gen X Mom in a Millennial's World

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Are you a "Gen X" mom? You might be surprised to learn the answer: Basically, if you're a mother who's over 35 and under 50 -- born after the Baby Boomers and before the Millennials -- then yup, you're a member of Generation X. We all know the stereotypes associated with this demographic (disenfranchised slackers with a tendency toward existential identity crises and a lack of respect for authority), but what are our kids really in for?

Studies (and anecdotal evidence) show that Gen X moms are definitely a breed of their own, which means someday our kids will totally bond over our many shared quirks, just like we rehashed our mothers' parenting styles with our friends ("So, your mom just sat around smoking and drinking Tab while you roamed the neighborhood until dark too?!").

Besides your birthday, here are 20 ways to tell you're a bona fide Gen X mom.

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