Put Your Heart To Paper With Hallmark This Mother's Day

Let me tell you a little about Janice.

This woman has been everything for many of us in her life. Some of my fondest memories are just spending the years with her.  My Grandmother has been there as a mother for me and now my family. I remember my early days, close to the ages of my daughters above, being around my grandmother.


From trips to visit her in Sunny Arizona, to living with her for part of my life overseas, and now to her being there as a great grandmother, she means the world to us all. I have been taught many lessons, but given the freedom to become who I am. I find myself parenting my kids the way she did me. Being stern about being responsible like cleaning my rooms and learning to take care of my own personal needs. But also being caring when need be. It is important that rules be set, and it is a very important lesson that I find myself instilling into our kids. I have respect for others and their time, which does make the world a better place for us all, that we respect other’s needs.

Every year of my life, I have seen and spent some time of it with her. Even when she lived on the other side of the world, she still made her way back to the western hemisphere. And to this day I try to do the same. Make my way to the places I need to be, to see the people we need to see, the people who have been there all of our lives. While we live in California and most of our family is more than 1000 miles away, we still will always make the effort to see our family’s faces. Whether it be a road trip or flights to them, or flying them to see us, it’s important to make the effort.

Hallmark can help me express exactly how I feel especially for Mother’s day helping me put my heart to paper and let her know exactly what she means to me and my family. From grandmas to aunts to sisters and best friends, I know I can let all the moms in my life know just how I feel with cards from Hallmark.

I know that a simple gesture and something like a card with heartfelt words can mean everything and this year I want to let the special women who helped shape my life know exactly how much they mean to me.

What is it that your mother needs to hear this Mother's Day?

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