10 Ways My Mom Has Inspired Me And The Lessons She Has Taught Me…

Growing up my mom always meant a lot to me.


She was the one that always knew what I was thinking before I could even say it. She was the one that always had my back. Of course she expected only the best from me and often she got it because I wanted to make her proud. And then, once I had children of my own I really started to realize just how much she has inspired me in my own life as a mom, wife and friend.

My mom taught me many lessons with the way that she lived (and continues to live) her life. Here are the 10 ways my mom has inspired me through her lessons:

1. Stand up for what you believe in no matter what the cost. Boy have I learned that what is right is not always what is easiest. From an early age she has taught me to stand up for what I believed in and for what was right. She led by example and made other people’s lives better.

2. Be strong, especially in tough times. Your true strength will be tested. Never let anything get you down. She is one of the strongest people I know and I strive to be as strong as she is.

3. Patience is the difference in your dreams coming true or not. Keep working hard and hang in there… I saw her work for years on projects and I learned that patience is what kept her going to reach success.

4. It’s okay to put your family first. Your career will always be there. Your children’s childhood won’t. She was always there for us and never missed any moments of our childhood. I finally understand why as a mother myself. The joy is just as much for the mother as it is for the child when you are there for important times.

5. You can be anything you want to, just not all at the same time. Prioritize and spend the time and energy where it counts. I saw her be and do all she wanted to… but not at the same time. As we kids got older she added more to her life that brought her joy, but she always made sure there was plenty of time for us too!

6. Hard work does pay off. Nobody worked harder than my mom. She still works hard and she has accomplished everything she ever dreamed of!

7. There is a solution for every problem. She said “never complain about a problem you aren’t willing to be a part of the solution for.” She taught me how to problem solve like an expert by watching her.

8. Do your best. She taught me to do my best because no matter what the outcome was as long as I did my best I could be proud of myself.

9. Never pass up the opportunity to say “I love you”. She must have said it 10 times a day to us. She showed us love just as much as she said it, but it still feels good to hear it!

10. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, that is where your dreams will come true. She was constantly pushing us to be better and to experience new things. She did it herself and watching her stretch her limits has always encouraged me!

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How has your mom inspired you?

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Heather Delaney Reese from It's a Lovely Life is an Inspirational Story Teller and lifestyle writer who loves Food, Travel, So Cal, Tech, Disney & Family Adventures! She lives in the hills of San Diego with her favorite people; her husband and their three daughters.

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