Now That I Am a Mom, I Want to Thank My Own Mother For So Much!


Before I became a mother, I had absolutely no idea how challenging--yet rewarding--it is to be a mom!


My own mother is a pro at it. At least to me, it seemed like motherhood was her brilliance zone.

She made it seem easy. She is the perfect mom (whereas it took me several years into the gig before I even felt cut out for motherhood!)

I never realized the depth of my mom's love or the sacrifices she had made for her children until I became a mom myself almost seven years ago.

Now that I’m a mom, I want to thank my own mother for…

1. Always saying "I love you."
OK--technically it was "love you," but she said it every single day and every night before bed. There was never a doubt in my mind that I was loved.

It wasn't until I became an adult that I learned that many children grow up and never hear these three important words!

Because I grew up with "I love you" every day, I shower my girls with these words as well.

2. Practicing patience.
I never went through a super rebellious phase, but I definitely remember my fair share of talking back to and rolling my eyes at my mother.

Even at six years old, my firstborn has already started this, and I can now see how hurtful it must have been for my mom.

Yet, despite how hateful I could be to her--especially in my teen years--she continued to love me and patiently guide me, never fighting back or returning my rudeness.

3. Displaying a servant's heart.
My mom was (and still is!) a master homemaker.

She kept her kitchen clean, cooked us homemade meals almost every night, ironed our clothes (even our T-shirts!), and the list could go on.

But, for her, it wasn't so much of "doing" but of "being."

My mom's love language is acts of service, and by serving her loved ones, she showed love.

4. Being my friend.
I think my sister and I could both say that our mom is one of our very best friends.

During our childhood, she practiced a good balance of authority figure and confidant.

I honestly see her ability to ask questions and truly listen to what was going on in our lives as the number one reason that none of my two siblings or I ever went through an extreme time of rebelliousness.

We really cared about what our mom thought because she was our #1 fan and our very best friend.

5. Putting her children's needs above her own.
Until I became a mom, I never realized just how selfish I really am.

But I never saw a hint of selfishness in my mom. She always put her children's needs above her own because it was who she was.

This Mother’s Day, Put Your Heart To Paper and let Hallmark help you say thank you to your mom.

If you are a mom, what do you now want to thank your mother for?

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