7-Year-Old Gives Step-By Step Explanation of How 2 Moms Make a Baby (VIDEO)

how babies are made

For parents struggling over how to explain where babies come from, let this 7-year-old give you the low-down. In a YouTube video posted by The Next Family, the little girl excitedly explains how her moms had a baby and schools us all with her knowledge. 


With the help of some handy graphics, and Mom's encouragement, she tells the whole story of the sperm and the egg, and exactly how a baby comes to be. Take a look her her gleeful presentation:

Simple -- a woman has an egg, a man has a sperm. So if there are two women, they go to a donor for the sperm and, boom, a baby is made!

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It's sweet and short, but perfectly accurate. Explained in words that she'll understand, the description is straightforward and age-appropriate. She's able to then articulate it back in the video, so you know she has a good grasp on the lesson.

She'll clearly learn more as she gets older, but this seems perfectly good for now.

How'd you explain to your kids how babies were made?



Image via The Next Family/YouTube

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