What Women Really Want From Their Husbands on Mother’s Day

Adriana Velez | Apr 28, 2015 Being a Mom

mother's day gifts

We're not expecting anything much from our men on Mother's Day. But it would be nice if they did something. You know? Just to show their appreciation for all we do as moms. 

We asked a whole lot of moms what they would most like their significant others to give them for Mother's Day. Some of these are probably what you want, too. Others, well ... other requests are a little more specialized.

What do you want from your significant other on Mother's Day? 


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  • Alone Time


    This seems to be the #1 request. It comes up over and over again.

    "To be left alone. I want to sleep in, spend the day in bed alone, and read."

    "I would love to come downstairs in the morning to a clean house, a pot of coffee, and a beautiful bouquet of nice (not cheesy) flowers. Then, right as I pour my first cup, he would say that he's taking the kids to do something for a few hours so I could have the whole house to myself. Not that I've, you know, thought about this or anything."

    "I expect him to take primary kid duty for the day so I can relax and chit chat with my mom, grandmas, sister, and aunt."
    "What I'd really like is some time alone -- maybe to go shoe shopping or do something that I can't do when the kids are with me."
  • Take on a Job Around the House


    You know those odd jobs around the house you keep promising to take care of? Now would be a good time to get them done. "I would just love for him to just get ONE thing done on his honey-do list," says one mom. "Some things on there have been there for the entire 12+ years we've lived in this house!"

  • Help the Kids Buy a Gift


    Okay, those handmade gifts from the kids are great. But sometimes kids want to buy moms a little something as well, and how is a 4-year-old supposed to do that on her own?

    "I like it when hubby takes time and cooks dinner with my daughter for me, he also takes her shopping so she can pick something out for me. We usually send flowers to his mom and call her."

    One mom says she wants her husband "to give my girls a little bit of money and take them to Target so they can pick something out for me. This way, they are giving me what they want to give me."

    Another says, "I would love for Dh and the kids to come up with a day of special surprises that they either make or put together themselves."

    See? It doesn't even have to cost money!

  • A Clean House


    It doesn't matter if they do it themselves or if they hire someone else to do it, as long as we don't have to do it.

    "I want an empty sink and clean dishes in the cupboard!" says one mom who knows to keep her expectations low.

    Another mom is a bit more pointed: "I would settle for him doing the bloody dishes instead of lay there all day in front of TV, on the days I am at work."

    "A clean house. No breakfast nothing -- just let me wake up and everything be cleaned." That's every woman's fantasy.

    "I would love, love, love it if he would hire someone to come in and clean," says another mom who dares to dream even more. "It doesn't have to be all the time -- maybe just once a month? We're both working full-time, and I hate that I spend my 'free' time cleaning my house instead of enjoying my family." Oh we hear you, Mama.

  • A Big Fat Positive


    Surprisingly, a lot of women want their husbands to give them something that will underscore their role as a mom in a significant way. They want a BFT: Big Fat Positive.

  • Something Special


    Some wishes are a little less traditional. Here's a sampling.

    'I really would like some Jersey Giant chickens ... Sounds weird, but I'm becoming the crazy chicken lady."

    "Mortal kombat and that's it."


  • His Presence & Appreciation


    Some women don't have the luxury of having their husbands around, so their presence alone is a gift. "My husband is military, so his current job requires him to stay at work often for weekend duties," says one mom. "I just want his presence for Mother's Day. We have spent many special holidays apart. And I just pray he doesn't have to work that weekend. I just want to wake up to his smile and love."

    "Honestly, I'd just like to be recognized for the hard work that I do in raising our son," says another mom. "I don't feel very appreciated so one day of that would be amazing."