20 Things You Forgot to Thank Your Mom for Doing

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"Just wait until you have kids of your own!" Chances are you heard your mother say (or scream!) this on a fairly regular basis, but you probably didn't realize she was actually cursing you in the process! If only you'd appreciated what a tough gig motherhood was back when you were a kid, maybe you'd have shown your poor mom a little gratitude for all of her hard work (but that's not exactly how it went, right?). At least it's never too late!


Now that you're walking in her shoes, maybe it's time to take inventory of the sacrifices she made for you, big and small. After all, you're doing the same for your kids -- wouldn't it be nice if somebody thanked you for some of these things someday? (Maybe in another couple of decades if you're lucky!)

Here are 20 belated ways to say "thank-you" to your mom:

1. Thank you, Mom, for living on grilled cheese crusts and half-eaten chicken nuggets because you were too tired to make food for yourself after feeding me.(Also, sorry I didn't have a more sophisticated palate.)

2. Thank you, Mom, for sacrificing your favorite articles of clothing to spit-up, mashed bananas, and other bodily fluids/food stains. (Now I know why you always wore that same pair of sweatpants every day.)

3. Thank you, Mom, for always laughing at my jokes, which were almost never funny and almost always involved something gross.

4. Thank you, Mom, for answering my every "why?" -- even when you didn't actually know the answer to my question. (I was 15 before I realized the sky isn't blue because it's "God's favorite color.")

5. Thank you, Mom, for spending approximately 8,000 hours washing, drying and folding clothes I would immediately spill ketchup on and/or outgrow.

6. Thank you, Mom, for listening to me sing that made-up song over and over and over again for 27 minutes without stuffing a sock in my mouth.

7. Thank you, Mom, providing me dinner every. Single. Night. Of. My. Childhood. (I had NO idea.)

8. Thank you, Mom, for always catching me at the bottom of the slide even though it was super hard on your knees and you always ended up with dirt on the seat of your pants.

9. Thank you, Mom, for pretending that my theories on the origins of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were even close to plausible.

10. Thank you, Mom, for always cheering at my soccer games, even when I scored a goal for the other team. (And for always stopping at the ice cream parlor on the way home.)

11. Thank you, Mom, for dropping everything to pick me up at school every time I fell down and bumped my head on the playground (which was often).

12. Thank you, Mom, for spending virtually years of your life sitting in crowded, germ-filled, pediatrician's office waiting rooms. (Oh yeah -- and the dentist, and the emergency room.)

13. Thank you, Mom, for filling out enough paperwork on my behalf to kill an entire forest. (Permission slips! Medical forms! Camp applications!)

14. Thank you, Mom, for magically conjuring up "crazy hats," "silly socks," and other bizarre items of clothing at a moment's notice. Why do schools think people just have this stuff lying around?!

15. Thank you, Mom, for always picking the onions out of everything I ever ate with onions in it.

16. Thank you, Mom, for letting me make you breakfast in bed, which was almost never edible and almost always involved a giant mess in the kitchen for you to clean up.

17. Thank you, Mom, for staying up with me all night every time I got an earache or a stomach bug (which was often).

18. Thank you, Mom, for looking at me every time I said, "Look at me!"

19. Thank you, Mom, for frosting upwards of 3 million cupcakes for an endless variety of festivities and/or school bake sales. (Also, all those cookies.)

20. Thank you, Mom, for letting other people's children sleep over your house, eat all your food, keep you up all night and spill soda on the couch when you specifically said, "No soda in the living room."

What did you forget to thank your mother for when you were growing up?

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