19 Awesome Pieces of Kid Art Parents Have Tattooed on Their Bodies

Suzee Skwiot | Apr 23, 2015 Being a Mom

kids artwork tattoos

Maybe you'd like to display your kid's doodles on the fridge, or if they're extra-special, in a frame on the living room wall, but most parents would never think to permanently tattoo their kid's drawings on their own bodies. But surprisingly, it's become a trend across the country.

Whether it's because they want to hang onto a special moment in childhood or because they want something that's truly original on their bodies, an increasing number of moms and dads are getting their children's masterpieces inked onto their skin. It's a bond between parent and child like no other ... and a proud piece to show off to the world. 

So we scoured the web and talked to parents about the body art that was once a piece of kid art. These tattoos are inspired by kids' drawings and writings, and feature anything from beautiful "I love you" messages to scary-looking clowns. But they clearly hold plenty of meaning for these art-loving parents.

Check out these kid-art-turned-parent-tattoos from real parents!

If your kids did #7, where would you put it?


Image via inkthor/Instagram