Mom Kicked Off Instagram for Sharing 'Disgusting' Photo of Her Post Baby Body

Oh Instagram ... how we question your code of ethics. We know that you recently changed your guidelines to allow images of breastfeeding mothers and mastectomy patients (how magnanimous!), but frankly it isn't enough. Take for example, Hannah Moore, who had her account deleted just moments after sharing her pregnancy battle wounds.


The Scottish new mom took to Instagram recently and posted a picture of her post-partum body to boost her confidence. She's the mother of 10-month-old twins, and like many mothers, has been feeling self-conscious about her body. She shared her pictures in all of her post-baby-making gloriousness, only to have the social media site delete it for indecency within minutes.

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Take a look at this beautiful photo of a woman who gave birth to twins just months ago, and try to find fault with it.

Oh my gosh, may I please take a moment to comment on how amazing her boobs look?? Not that that's anything to comment on, but dang -- she looks fantastic!

But regardless of Moore's courage in posting her post-partum pic, she got shut down by Instagram, who deleted her account after she posted the above photo. In response, Moore said she felt "clearly fat, ugly and disgusting and it made people feel sick."

"Two minutes after the picture was uploaded my account got closed down, my mouth just dropped and my eyes watered," she shared. In an age when we are trying to #FreeTheNipple, who can blame her? Instagram seems to have a history of shutting moms down, whether it comes to breastfeeding photos or simple stretch mark pics.

They'd do well to reexamine their policy, and not insult every mama out there trying to be OK with her body.

Do you think Instagram should have blocked this photo?


Image via Kat Goldin/Flickr

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