23 Things Moms Wish They'd Hear Their Kids Say on Mother's Day

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Ah, Mother's Day almost upon us -- a day when mothers hope to be showered with gratitude and gifts from the kids they've slaved over the other 364 days of the year. Only if you ask most moms what they really want from their kids on this special day, their answers are surprisingly simple.


Curious to hear what's on moms' wish lists, we asked mothers to reveal what they're truly pining to hear from their kids on this holiday. Some may make you laugh, while others may hit close to home and give you some ideas of hints to drop your family:

  1. "Stay in bed mom, we got this."
  2. "Here's the remote, Mom. I think Gone with the Wind just started!"
  3. "Mommy! I decided I'm NOT scared of the potty!"
  4. "We are cleaning the house today ... and here is your platter of chocolate-covered strawberries."
  5. "What I'd love to hear from my 14-year-old son: 'Mom, although I give you a hard time about not meeting my friends because I'm afraid of being embarrassed by you, I know deep down this is stupid and I'm sorry. And I will try harder to get some kind of job this summer or work around the house for you.'"
  6. "Please leave the house and do whatever you want all by yourself today. We will be in bed by the time you get home."
  7. "What I'd love to hear from my 12-year-old son: 'Mom, I appreciate all the times you reminded me to do this or that. I will remember to do all my homework and scouting activities because I know it's MY job and not yours to remind me.' Yeah, well, I can dream, can't I?"
  8. "We won't argue for one day."
  9. "I wish they'd tell me 'yes' to all I ask them to do!"
  10. "What I'd really love to hear on Mother's Day is my daughter calling me 'MAMA' for the first time. So far she's saying the 'mmmmm' sound, but I want a 'mama' really bad."
  11. "Mama, I'm going to use the potty, EVERY time. Happy Mother's day! Other than that act of God, I'd love to find out he's mastered some other item of self care that shows he's growing up."
  12. "We cleaned up our room without you asking us to!"
  13. "My daughter told me this recently and I loved it: 'Mom, you're really sick.' (Hands me some of her blankies and her pillow.) 'Lay down and I'll put a movie on for you and make you some hot tea with honey.' (Makes my tea and then answers my ringing phone.) 'Mom is really sick, can I take a message?' This was a super big deal for us because my daughter has some delays and is not as self sufficient at her age as she should be."
  14. "I just want to hear that I'm awesome."
  15. "I want to hear 'Mom, Dad's taking us out for the day so you can go back to sleep and spend the day doing whatever you want.'"
  16. "I'd love my oldest to say he's not afraid of hand dryers any more. Using the bathroom in public can be a nightmare!" 
  17. "We made you breakfast and cleaned the house without arguing!"
  18. "I'd love to hear that my daughter is happy."
  19. "I want them to say, 'bye mom see ya later'!"
  20. "What I always would really like to hear, and have heard from my son in prior years is 'Thank you.' That is the best. It is great to hear my son now say 'thank you for getting me to eat meat and vegetables when all I wanted was pasta' and 'thank you for letting me play hockey when you were afraid I would get hurt' and 'thank you for letting me choose my own college when you wanted me to stay at home.' It's not about me. It's just great to know I raised someone who knows he was taught what he needs to know now, and especially, that he knows to be grateful."
  21. "I want to hear the same thing they tell me every day: that they love me. That is all that really matters to me."
  22. "Nothing, I'm not owed anything. They didn't ask to be here; we chose to have kids. I will not obligated or guilt people into feeling like they owe me something when it was my choice for their existence."
  23. "Nothing: I want silence for just one day."

What do you wish you'd hear from your kids on Mother's Day? 


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