Mom Turns Kids With Special Needs Into Superheroes in Breathtaking Photos

superhero project

When Renee Bergeron's youngest son, Apollo, was diagnosed with a rare heart defect, he endured two heart surgeries, a feeding tube in his stomach and countless other medical procedures in a matter of months. "Despite his physical limitations, I didn't want him to view himself as weak or inadequate," she recalls. "So I dressed him as a superhero and took a few images."


That's how The Superhero Project took flight.

"I am a professional photographer, so when I saw how much he loved the photos, I decided to start doing this for other families of children with special needs," Renee, who owns Little Earthling Photography in the Seattle, Washington area, told The Stir. "I offer these sessions free of charge because I want other children to get the same joy out of photos of themselves as Apollo did."

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And the response from the kids and their families has proven well worth it. According to the mom of one "superhero" Victoria who was born with a leg deformity, "The images that Renee has captured of our child are priceless. In them, our daughter is not defined by her 'disability'; I see my beautifully made child and I'm proud of how strong she is. I treasure these photos and couldn't be more grateful for them."

Check out seven of Renee's favorite "superheroes" in the slideshow.

Doesn't photo #7 just say it all about how parents can help special needs kids thrive?


Image via Little Earthling Photography

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