Watch Blindfolded Kids 'Feel' Their Moms in a Lineup of Strangers (VIDEO)

Do you think that if they were blindfolded, your children could pick you out of a line up of women just by touching your hands and face? You hope so, because we're all so different and you've raised your kids from birth. In an ad for the latest Pandora jewelry collection, they tried it, and the results will probably make your heart melt. Just a prediction.


This is the kind of thing everyone needs to see to remind us that all the gross side effects of pregnancy and all the stepping on LEGO and all the fighting about eating broccoli really is actually worth it. Because at the end of the day, that bond you have with your children is so magical and so unlike anything else.

So if you need that reminder today or just want your daily dose of feels, you must watch this ad:

Tears, right? It makes you want to start blindfolding children to see if yours can do it, too. (But we do not endorse or recommended this. For legal reasons.)

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It's a beautiful thought -- this idea that we're all so unique that even when we can't see it, the people that love us most can.

Because your kids do love you. They will yell, they will scream, they will sometimes act like they don't like you at all. But they do. They love you because you're their mom. And that -- that's what motherhood is about.

Do you believe that your kids would be able to find you if they were blindfolded like this?


Image via TheOfficialPandora/YouTube

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