10 Life-Changing Inventions That Would Make All Moms' Lives Easier

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We live in an age of miracles, and it’s no question that the marvels of modern technology have made parenting easier in hundreds, if not thousands, of ways.

We have machines that help us wash clothing and dishes; we can buy diapers, make doctor appointments, and access report cards with the click of a finger; and screen time has saved the sanity of millions of moms and dads for generations. (Also, let’s be real: Smartphones put the "app" in "happy" when I realized I can play brainless video games while my kids think I’m answering a Very Important Work Email.)


Tech helps us in so many ways, but I have a few more requests. Here are 10 tech inventions all parents would love to see in stores soon. 

1. A refrigerator that automatically dispenses healthy packed lunches that your kids will actually eat. There’s nothing worse than slaving over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich only to have it reappear back home missing nary a nibble. Your kids will devour what your hi-tech fridge prepares for them, guaranteed or your money back.

2. An electronic bathroom coach. If you’ve ever played reluctant poop doula to a child who can’t seem to use the toilet without a cheering section, this one’s for you. A soothing pre-recorded voice will talk your toddler through the potty process while you remain safely on the other side of the door. It also comes in a portable version because whyyyyyyy do they always need to go number 2 when you take them shopping?!

3. A washing machine that starts with an “empty pockets” cycle. A press of the button means you no longer have to go looking for things you reeeeally don’t want to find.

4. A volume switch you can install on your children and control with your smartphone. No more yelling at the kids to stop yelling, just press mute.

5. Board books that self-destruct when your toddler forces you to read them too many times in a row. Finally, a way to turn The Little Engine That Could into The Little Engine That Mysteriously Disappeared in a Puff of Smoke, Never to Be Heard from Again. Come on, Science, let’s make this happen. I think you can! I think you can!

6. A hands-free snot sucker. If nostril spelunking is not your idea of good time, imagine the luxury of a machine that does it for you. Go-go-gadget goop grabber.

7. A closet organizer that actually, you know, organizes your kid’s closet. The standard model makes sure that all contents stay neat and tidy and that like clothing items remain with like clothing items (no more surprise cowboy boots in the underwear drawer), but the deluxe model does it all: It swaps out clothes when the seasons change, detects high-water pants and accidental midriffs and adds them to the hand-me-down-bin, and it makes sure you never have to discover where your kid hid his sippy cup of milk three months ago.

8. A king-sized bed with an ejector button for launching unwelcome middle-of-the-night visitors back to their own rooms. I think you’ll find that after the initial shock and terror wears off, the kids will actually enjoy this one.

9. A pneumatic tube between home and school. Your kid forgets his jacket or lunchbox or homework? No problem. THWOOOOOP, there it is.  

10. A diaper-changing robot. It’s 2015. It’s time.


What tech invention would make parenting easier for you?


Written by Leah Maxwell. Leah is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

Image ©iStock.com/fstop123

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