Photographer Captures Perfect Pic of 1-Year-Old Who's Just Discovered Cake (PHOTO)

Today in "Babies Are Adorable, Give Us 1,000" news, we have a baby who might be the smartest in the world. You might ask how we could possibly know that already. Well, uh, because he's already figured out the secret to life: Protect your cake at all costs.


Tell us, TELL US, that this is not the cutest thing you've ever seen:

Someone make a meme out of this kid, pronto.

Amanda Saldarelli of Merrick, New York is the photographer who captured this glorious photo, and she said that she found this gem when she was editing photos after the session with Aidan and his mom.

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"I actually LOVE shots like these -- anything cute and out of the ordinary and showcasing personality are easily my favorite shots in a session," Amanda said. "It struck me that it's actually such an unusually impassioned expression from this sweet, mild-mannered boy and that's what really made me laugh."

You can practically hear Aidan roaring in anger from here, can you not? He's like mama lion-level over there.

To Amanda: You have a wonderful eye, brava. To Aidan: You got the whole world ahead of you, kid. Don't let 'em take your cake.

Do you have any favorite photos from your baby's photoshoots?


Image via Amanda Saldarelli

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