Now This Is What a Post-Baby Body Looks Like (PHOTOS)

take back postpartum

When mom of six January Harshe started posting pics on Instagram with the hashtag #postpartum, she was dismayed to be deluged with SPAM hawking products to get rid of stretch marks. She decided to "take back" this postpartum phase for moms with #takebackpostpartum, a place where moms post pics of what their bodies really look like after giving birth.





Since launching this Instagram hashtag 11 weeks ago, January -- the blogger behind Birth Without Fear -- has racked up nearly 18,000 followers. And the photos, which range from saggy bellies to six-pack abs, show moms at their most vulnerable and real. Apparently moms seem eager for the opportunity to flaunt their postpartum bodies no matter how they look! Here are a few of the most powerful images below:

So damn beautiful. Repost @heart.eyez. â�¤ï¸ï¿½ "I've spent majority of my teen years struggling to love my body. I always thought having a child would destroy my body and make me have even bigger body image problems. Breastfeeding Ella and knowing that MY body was creating everything Ella needed to grow strong and healthy changed my outlook on everything. It opened my eyes to the beauty of motherhood. I've learned to embrace my curves, my stretch marks, my now weird looking belly button. I am powerful and I am amazing. Your body was your baby’s temporary home, but it is your forever home. Nourish it, take care of it, and love it with all you have." #takebackpostpartum #birthwithoutfear #motherhood #postpartum #bodypositive #selflove #newmom #breastfeedwithoutfear

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Love how this mom opened up about how she was always insecure about her body, and worried that pregnancy and childbirth would only heighten these anxieties. Only the opposite happened: Motherhood and breastfeeding taught her just how incredible her body is.

Here's a mom who's unabashedly showing her C-section scar, talking openly about how it dented her confidence. But now, 7 months postpartum, she's made with it. 

Love how this photo unabashedly displays this mom's stretch marks with a more positive spin: tiger stripes. They're signs of the home your baby left behind, so what could possibly be bad about that?

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Variations of normal. In accepting stretch marks, extra skin, softer breasts, different sizes, etc., we also need to not shame moms who are fit or 'bounce back' #postpartum. If we are confident with our own 'normal', we won't be jealous and try to tear down other women. We are all beautiful and unique! Repost @katygillisbeachbody.�����"I am 6 months postpartum after giving natural birth to my 3rd precious baby and guess what? I love being fit and so glad I chose to begin exercising again even though I didn't feel like it. She woke up three times to nurse last night, butI still exercised and ate good today because I CAN..." � #takebackpostpartum

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I love how this photo below drives home how we don't only need to embrace stretch marks, but  stop shaming moms who do bounce back, like this one with her six-pack abs.

This mom is 10 weeks postpartum. No stretch marks, but she does have a linea negra -- and is proud of it.

How did your body look postpartum?


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