6 Signs Kids Today Have It Way Too Easy

6 Signs Kids Today Have It Way Too Easy

child breaking smartphoneYears before the advent of iPads, Kindles, or smartphones, the brilliant comedian George Carlin asked, "When does a kid get to sit in a yard with a stick anymore? Do today's kids even know what a stick is?" Well, since sticks don't come with power cords or bluetooth, the answer is probably no -- and the divide between our unplugged youths and the tech-heavy childhoods our own kids are experiencing grows wider every day. 

The question of whether our screen-addicted kids are better off than we were is up for debate, of course, but one thing's for sure: This generation is missing out on some serious old-fashioned style fun! Or ... are we just being overly nostalgic? Check out these now-and-then pics and decide if kids today have it easier ... or not.

Do your kids have #5? How old were they when you finally caved?


Image via © iStock.com/Imgorthand

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