15 Ideas for Making Your Family Photo Different From the Rest

Judy Dutton | Apr 29, 2015 Being a Mom
15 Ideas for Making Your Family Photo Different From the Rest

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Time for a family photo ... only if the usual stiff pose and "cheeese!" face leave you with so-so photos, never fear -- there are plenty of ways to shake things up and get pics you'll genuinely adore. All it takes is a more creative approach that allows your family's personality to shine through.

To help get things rolling, we asked photographers and moms to submit their most creative family photos. The results -- from fun backdrops and framing devices to just letting kids be kids -- will give you plenty of ideas of what to do the next time you whip out your camera.

Family Photo Posing Ideas

Talk about great parental role models in #2!


Image via Little Leapling Photography

  • No Posing Required!


    "I love this fun family photo of the big sister checking out what was behind the couch, rather than sitting with mom, dad and baby sister," says photographer Jennifer Mason. "It captures the family as they truly are; nothing is posed or fake. These are the moments that truly turn into memories."


  • Loving Role Models


    "This image is of my pastor and his family," says photographer Jan Barker. "The sun was setting and I found him and his wife kissing off to one side while I was trying to gather the kids. When the kids and I caught them I snapped this reaction. The love and respect this couple have for each other lead great examples for their children."

  • Band Together!


    According to mom Lindsey Norris, this photo came about when she allowed her husband, Graham, to pick the "rocker" theme. "We all wore our favorite band t-shirts and posed on the rooftop of our Miami Beach condominium building to achieve the 'industrial' look," she says. "It was fun and we got a great response from our family and friends."

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  • Who's On Top?


    Image © iStock.com/ vitapix

    Just sitting or standing for a shot can feel so staid ... so why not roughhouse a little and do a portrait of a family pileup? It'll bring out some genuine smiles in no time.

  • Air Time


    Image via Agnes Art & Photo

    "I spent the evening with this family of four walking through a small town outside of Phoenix," recalls photographer Heather Kirchhofer. "The younger boy, at the time this photo was taken, was starting to get fussy and was over the whole thing. So, we were trying to pep him back up with some air time. It worked! He was happy for a little while longer. It's all about trying to make the kids happy and have a good time. It's a lot of work sometimes, but the joy these images bring families is all worth it."

  • Mirror, Mirror


    "This is an extended family photo celebrating a family birthday in Breckenridge," says photographer Jade Maitre. "Snowy, and still carrying our birthday balloons, we came across a driveway mirror and it formed the perfect frame."

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  • On the Move


    "I love this photo because this family LOVES riding the ferry," says photographer Hilary Mercer. "They wanted to document something they love instead of the same ole same ole. Plus it was a dreary day in Washington and I love all that color they are wearing. Their youngest is a bit of a grump sometimes too, but thats just who he is."

  • Play With Perspective


    Image © iStock.com/ Robert Ingelhart

    Rather than take a shot head on, try to play with perspective by shooting some family members up close and others far away for a unique twist.

  • Jump!


    "This fun-loving family was all smiles and laughs during the session," says photographer Sarah Jankowski. "To end it off with a bang, they all jumped at the same time and the resulting pic was one of our favorites from the entire session!"

  • Feet First


    Why stick with straight head-to-toe shots when you can focus on just one body part ... like the hands or feet? "We were all living in a jungle in Brazil," recalls photographer Jade Maitre. "It captured our daily preoccupations, which were to avoid the dreaded Bicho do Pe, a flesh-burrowing insect that kept attacking our feet! For me it encapsulates the togetherness that we felt more than ever on our adventures."

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  • Bottoms Up!


    Image © iStock.com/pat138241 

    Let's get real: Sitting still for a picture is SO in a kid's DNA. So why not get them rolling around on the lawn and doing silly poses? They'll have more fun and you'll get a livelier photo.

  • Happy New Family


    "This is an image of a new blended family I took after the parents' wedding," says photographer Jan Barker. "It was very windy and I loved the effect the liquify editting gave it. And apparently the boys were very happy for this union; I did not direct the little hop and tap the older boy gave me. Happy endings like this always bring me joy."

  • Just Be Yourselves


    Image via Kids Activity Blog

    "Although this was an obligatory picture for grandma, I decided to let the kids show their own personality and do what they wanted to do," says Holly Homer. "It created what is one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken."

  • Superheroes Unite!


    Image © iStock.com/Andrew Rich

    Forget the matching jeans & t-shirts: There's no cooler way to flaunt your family's "superpowers" than to dress up as superheroes. This would also be a huge hit at Halloween.

  • Silhouette at Sunset


    "This awesome family of eight run a farm in Manhattan, Kansas," says photographer Tammy Schmit. "I love this silhouette of them lined up on a row of hay bales in front of a simple sunset ."

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