Dad's Unusual Punishment For Daughter's Bad Grade Goes Viral

phone under glass

So a daughter comes home with a D minus in math. What does dad do to punish her? He puts her phone in a glass case that can only be opened if she gets a B (or better, I assume), then posts it on Reddit where it goes viral.


And I hafta say, it's pretty funny! And it seems fair enough to me, provided his daughter is slacking rather than genuinely struggling. Because let's face it: Teens live by their phones, so withholding it is the perfect motivator.

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And besides, kids spend way too much time on their phones anyway, and it's a huge waste of time. Case in point: A recent survey found that teens send a text every five minutes. No wonder these kids don't have time to study!

So I think this punishment could do double duty: It may not only serve to boost this girls' grades, but help curb her screen habit and steer her toward more focused, quality-time activities and interactions ... at least, until she gets a B in math and then gets a hold of her phone again.

How do you feel about this punishment?


Image via Reddit

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