16 Funny Word Mispronunciations By Kids

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When kids are learning to talk, they make a lot of mistakes ... and the results can be downright hilarious. As proof, check out these stories from parents on the funniest mispronunciations they've heard from the mouths of babes. And be sure to jot down your own child's cutest language mishaps because trust us, they'll be gone before you know it!

  1.  "Not sure why, but up until very recently, my 9-year-old pronounced 'version' as 'virgin.' So he'd be talking about two games, and say, 'They're completely different. One virgin has zombies and the other doesn't.' I kept subtly saying, 'I think you mean version' but he just needed to work it through."
  2. "When my daughter, Madison, was a toddler she would tell everyone her name was Medicine. I got a lot of stares when she would say her name."
  3. "While witnessing a wedding, my 5-year-old son said, 'Look mommy, there's the bride and the broom.'"
  4. "There was a lyric from the song 'Rock Star,' which was popularized as the theme from the movie Shrek. My son, about 3 years old at that time, knew every word and sang it in the car obsessively. However, there was one part he got completely wrong. Where the lyrics go, 'All that glitters is gold,' he would sing, 'All that melon made me full.' It became a running joke in our family."
  5. "For months we thought our 2-year-old son was saying 'oh shit.' He was actually saying 'ocean.' Since we live in San Diego, he said 'oh shit' a lot."
  6. "While singing 'Row Row Row Your Boat,' instead of 'life is but a dream,' my son used to say 'life is buttering the stream.'"
  7. "My 3-year-old had a conversation with his dad where my son pointed to his chest and asked 'What's that?' His dad said 'your nipple.'  My son's response was, 'Oh.... Jack Be Nipple!'"
  8. "When my daughter was 3, after spending 10 minutes cutting up paper and drawing pictures with her brother, she ran up to me and said excitedly, 'Guess what? Me and Preston just did arts and crap!'"

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  9. "When my daughter was 4, she came up to me brandishing a favorite packaged snack in the south called a Moon Pie. But she called it by the name of different Southern specialty, asking me, 'Mommy, can I have this moonshine?'"
  10. "I recently took care of my sister's two children, ages 4 and 6. They call their Mom's SUV a unicorn instead of a Yukon! Her previous truck was a taco instead of a Tahoe."
  11. "When my son was 2, he landed his toy planes at the 'hairport,' which was the top of my head. Over several months, I had to extricate several landing gears that had become tangled in my hair."
  12. My 7-year-old son pronounces 'Sphinx' as if it's Yiddish -- 'schvinx.'
  13. "When my oldest was 2, he pronounced fork as f***. We got a lot of looks when he said he needed a fork."
  14. "When my daughter was a toddler, she pronounced the 'tr' sound like an 'f.' It was quite embarrassing when we were at the local library, she heard the fire department siren going off, and went running to the front door yelling, 'The fire--cks are coming!'"
  15. "My daughter called cupcakes 'pup cakes' which, of course, I thought was hilarious. Then she came home from preschool one day with a cupcake in hand. She placed her hand out with the cupcake in all it's mangled and asked: 'Mom, did you know this is called a cupcake and not a pup cake?' I smiled and equivocated that a small cake like that is called many things... it didn't work. She was mad for days. 'Mom, that was embarrassing!'"

What's your child's most hilarious mispronunciation?


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