15 Wacky Things Kids Believe That Are Too Cute to Correct

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Children's minds work in mysterious ways: if you have any doubts about that, just check out these confessions from parents who spilled the things their kids believe (or once did) that were so cute, they didn't have the heart to correct them. They're proof that no matter how quickly your kid seems to be growing up on you, there's still a ton they've got to learn ... in the meantime, though, prepare for some laughs!

  1. "My kids believe that all parents have eyes in the back of their heads. My oldest daughter one day asked 'if parents have eyes in the back of their heads why do you need rear view mirrors in cars?' I easily explained that cars aren't made just for parents, and those mirrors are for people who don't have children yet. They still think I can see them when I have my back to them."
  2. "My kids think they can put their hand on the Bible and make a wish, and it will come true."
  3. "My stepdad is really short ... he tells my 6-year-old daughter that he's one of Santa's elves. She totally believes him, and whenever she's naughty around Christmas time, she'll ask us to please not tell PaPa, because he'll tell Santa and then she won't get any presents! Not gonna correct that for a few years, works almost better than threatening to tell Santa himself."
  4. "My kids don't think they're human. I'm not sure how they came to this conclusion, but they often ask me: 'Is that for kids, or just for humans?'"
  5. "My daughter used to think that everything made in China was 'made by pandas.' She would find something, turn it over, see 'made in China' and excitedly yell, 'The pandas made this too!'"
  6. "My girls believe I have magical powers to control the audio system in our van. I raise my right hand and the volume goes up, I lower my right hand and the volume goes down, I wave out it skips forward, I wave in it goes back to a previous song. No one can see my left hand on the steering wheel controlling the volume. They love my magical abilities!"
  7. "My toddler thinks everyone is a boy and argues when I say 'Mommy is a girl.'"
  8. "My son believes that I'm his wife -- and that daddy should find a new wife."
  9. "My 2-year-old does not eat beans. The reason? Because the Easter bunny eats jelly beans and lays Easter eggs. He doesn't want to lay eggs. I don't know where he heard that one!"

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  10. "One day we were driving and out of nowhere, my son tells us he knows where the Easter bunny lives. So, I asked where and he says 'in the east.' I asked how he knows that and he says 'duh! It's right in the name! EASTer bunny!'"
  11. "My son thinks we all came alive during the viking time. So he thinks that we are vikings."
  12. "My son informed me that chocolate milk comes from brown cows and white milk from white cows, which is a common belief for kids. So, I asked where he supposed strawberry milk comes from. He thought for a moment and said pink cows. I asked if he's ever seen a pink cow and he replies 'no, but if we go to a farm, we can find one!'"
  13. "When my daughter was little, she believed orange juice had 'lint' in it, which was actually pulp. She'd ask for orange juice, but without 'lint.'"
  14. "My husband's mom and dad would take him to Yosemite a lot, and his mom tells me that for a long time, he thought it was 'My-semite' because his parents kept telling him they were taking him to 'Yo-semite.' I thought that was hilarious!"
  15. "When I as a child, my father had my sister and me convinced that be a mailman (we still called them that then) you had to be named Ray. My dad's brother, my uncle Ray, was a mailman, the man who delivered our mail was named Ray. A neighbor who was a mailman was named Ray. In our limited universe, every Ray we know was a mailman and every mailman we knew was named Ray so it made sense. I thought my cousin Ray, Jr. would have no choice but to deliver mail when grew up. I don't know how old I was when I found out the truth."

What is the wackiest thing your kid believes that you just can't bring yourself to come clean about?

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