10 Tips for Raising a Son Who'll Make a Great Husband

little boyOf course, every parent wants a child they're proud of, but there's something a little extra special about raising a boy who turns into a caring, considerate, and loving husband, no? A man his wife will ultimately want to thank you for: because of you he's got good values and good manners? Here, 10 small things you can teach your boy now that will all but ensure he becomes one heckuva husband.


1. Teach him to put the seat down. Potty training 101: There isn't a woman alive who likes walking into a bathroom where the seat on the toilet is up. It's just a little too frat house. The best way to combat this? Teach him from day one that putting it down is part of going potty.

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2. Teach him to notice her haircut. (Even if he doesn't notice it.) Don't feel guilty taking your son along to the beauty parlor. It's a learning experience. His wife may look exactly the same to him, but when she returns home after a few hours at the salon, tell him to say, "Looks great!" It'll mean the world to her, and -- although it sounds silly -- haircuts are a big deal to us ladies!

3. Teach him to unroll his socks before putting them in the laundry basket. See also: Teach him to empty his pockets before putting them in the laundry basket. Carrying your dirty stuff to Mom's hamper is a two-step process.

4. Teach him to walk with her. Men seem to walk faster than women by nature. That said, when he's out and about, tell him to make it a point to keep the same pace as his girl (not a few strides ahead). It's not just about keeping track of your toddler at all times -- nobody likes to feel like they need to sprint to keep up the conversation.

5. And while we're at it ... teach him to walk on the outside when he's walking along a street. The odds of a car careening onto the sidewalk are, let's face it, pretty damn slim, but it's a nice gesture nonetheless. Of course, first you'll have to teach him not to walk in the road. Baby steps.

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6. Teach him to put gas in her car sometimes. If your teenage son uses your car for something, and he sees that your gas is low, tell him to fill it up. He needs to learn now that it's a privelege to use someone else's car. Stopping for gas -- especially if she's got kids in the car -- can be a pain sometimes for a mom (aka your future daughter-in-law). It's a sweet, little thing that goes such a long way.

7. Teach him to choose his battles wisely. It isn't exactly a secret that we women typically, well, get annoyed more than men. Knowing which battles are worth fighting and which are better left to simply nodding his head and saying, "I'm sorry. You're right," is a skill. It'll save everyone a lot of headaches.

8. Teach him to wipe the hair off of the bathroom counter after he shaves. Because: Ew. And not just because you're his mom and don't want to think about your baby boy shaving.

9. Teach him to surprise her once in a while. It's easy to get caught in a rut when you're with someone for a long time. Tell him to sweep her off her feet with a romantic dinner or bouquet of flowers every once in a while ... just 'cause. He can start on Mother's Day.

10. Teach him to make "I love you" the last words he says to his wife every night. Saying "I love you" at bedtime isn't just a way to stroke your Mom ego: it's prep for down the road. Even if they've had a fight, even if he's annoyed with her for completely warranted reasons, it's important he doesn't lose sight of the big picture. 

What would you add to this list?


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