13 Crazy Things Kids Have Done With Mom's Sanitary Protection

Shocked little boyGiven kids show little reserve about barging into the bathroom, sooner or later many encounter mom messing with tampons, pads, or other period-related items that may be hard to wrap their minds around, harder still for mom to explain.


The result of all this confusion? Kids will draw their own funny conclusion about what these things are, and what to do with them as a result. As proof, check out these funny stories from moms below.

  1. "Around age 2 or so, my oldest came into the bathroom when I was changing my pad and said, 'Oh, no! Mommy has a boo boo?' Knowing she was too little to understand, I replied, 'Yes, and this is Mommy's Band-Aid for her boo boo time,' gesturing to the pad I was unwrapping. Whenever I had a period after that, she'd knowingly nod her head and say, 'It's Mommy's boo boo time' and pat my hand supportively."
  2. "My daughter thought they were candy and wanted to eat some."
  3. "My almost 3 year old found a tampon in my purse and started using it as a gun."
  4. "My 2-year-old recently walked in on me and said, 'Ewww! You pooped in your diaper, Mommy! That's messy. You should poop in potty!' He told my grandmother later that I had pooped my diaper!"
  5. "My best friend's 2-year-old brought her a tampon and asked her to open his string cheese."
  6. "When my boys were 4 and 2, they discovered my tampons, which inspired excited squeals that prompted me to walk into the bathroom. They were having a blast because they found 'rockets'! They had already 'deployed' several of them."

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  7. "My daughter found my pads, didn't care to ask what they were, and redecorated the walls of the bathtub with them!"
  8. "My 4 year old calls them sticks. He doesn't know what it's for because I make him leave when I insert them, but he will walk into the bathroom, ask if I need one, and then wants to get it out of the cabinet and unwrap it for me. Weirdo."
  9. "My little brother swiped my mom's sanitary pads and brought them to school to use as mattresses for his action figures at recess. Mom got an interesting phone call that day..."
  10. "Once when my kids found a box of tampons, they flushed the whole box down the toilet one by one. That was fun explaining to the plumber."
  11. "My 3-year-old son was in the tub, and had seen me put a new box of tampons under the sink. So when I was out of the bathroom he decided to get under the sick and get them. When I returned, he was swimming with about five tampons and was calling them 'fish.'"
  12. "One time one of my kids stuck panty liners all over our cat."
  13. "I can barely keep my kids out of my box of tampons. I have to keep them up high in the closet. Why? Because they think they are toys and love to open them and shoot them across the room at each other. They are 2 and 4 and have no clue what they are except they are Mommy's and they are fun if they can get into them. I did, however, tell my 7-year-old that they were 'girlie things' and he had zero desire to ever go near them again."

How did your kids react to seeing tampons or pads?


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