5 Doodles That Perfectly Illustrate a Mom's First Year (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Apr 10, 2015 Being a Mom
5 Doodles That Perfectly Illustrate a Mom's First Year (PHOTOS)

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When Lucy Scott gave birth to her daughter Lois two years ago, she endured all the typical struggles of new moms, from sleep training to being covered in poop. A storyboard artist for ten years, she started drawing cartoons depicting these challenges, and has recently compiled them into a book, Doodle Diary of a New Mom: An Illustrated Journey Through One Mommy's First Year.

"When I would share the drawings with friends who had babies of a similar age, they found them funny and said they made them feel like they weren't alone," says Scott. "The first year can be a strangely solitary time, so sharing silly stories and drawings with other moms can be a lifeline. As little ordeals happened, I’d think, this will make a funny drawing."

While the response to her drawings has been overwhelmingly positive, "there are a few that think my book is a negative depiction of motherhood or an exaggerated version of it, she adds. "I can assure everyone that these things did all happen to me, and it was cathartic to get a laugh out of events that at the time were often quite, erm ... challenging." 

Take a look at some of her drawings and we think you'll know what she means and totally relate.

Doesn't #5 sum things up to a tee?


Images via Doodle Diary of a New Mom

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