Thank Goodness This Kid Had Her Selfie Stick During Manatee Attack So We Could Watch (VIDEO)

teen attacked by manatee

Teenagers do a lot of dumb things on spring break, but this one really made me shake my head. This girl was "attacked" by a manatee ... and caught it all on camera thanks to her selfie stick.



Only once you watch the video, you'll see that this teen is totally overreacting. That manatee is just gliding by, minding his own business, while the teen screams as if she'd seen a shark. Check it out:

If I were this girl's mom, I'd tell her hey, pull yourself together. A manatee is not Jaws. It won't hurt you. I've seen manatees up close, they're docile as can be. You're probably scaring the manatee.

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And besides, if this girl were that scared, shouldn't she put down that darn selfie stick? Is capturing every moment of your life on camera really that important? Nope.

My condolences to this girls' mom. And the manatee.

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Image via Katie Gingrich/YouTube

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