Little Boy Throws Up in Bookstore & His Apology to Store 'Barf Cleaners' Is Super Sweet (PHOTO)

We've all heard a story (or several) of kids misbehaving while out in public with their parents. But every now and then, we get a beautiful gem of a story that showes us all how to parent right. Just take this recent Reddit post from a store clerk: A child came into the store with his parents, threw up by the restrooms, and left. But it gets better. The child then sent the store employee an apology card and a special gift.


Reddit user heyredditheyreddit posted the photo to the social media site and proved that good parenting leads to good kids. Take a look at Jack's note:

Applause. Applause all around. To Jack and his parents for raising such a polite and respectful little kid.

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What a small gesture, but perfectly appropriate. He obviously recognized that the employees deserved a special recognition (and a little token of appreciation) for going above and beyond their real job description.

And let's be real here: Ice cream can fix and apologize for many things.

Maybe the parents had to nudge Jack in the right direction, who knows, but the point still stands. The child took the time to write the note, put it all together, and mail it out. Nice job, parents. And great job, Jack!

How do you teach your children respect?


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