'How Anti-Vaxxers Sound to Normal People' Is as Scary as It is Funny (VIDEO) ​

anti-vaxxer video

A new video pokes fun at anti-vaxxers by revealing how their preachy pontificating sounds to normal people. And it had me dying with laughter! I mean, anti-vaxxers are easy targets for sure, but this video nails them. Bam.


The video was produced by Girl Pants Productions, and is part of a series that includes other gems like "How Homophobia Sounds to Normal People." Check out their anti-vax parody below:

Seriously, isn't that hilarious? And there's a grain of truth to each of these comments. For instance, how certain anti-vaxxers may confuse correlation/causation: "My son once used a microwave and now he's GAY!" Or how anti-vaxxers feel that reading a bunch of websites makes them an "expert" who's done a decade of scientific research.

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I'm sure not all anti-vaxxers are this ridiculous of course, but I do hope that even they can watch this and laugh. Because I'm tired of the vax wars in all their seriousness; this whole issue needs some levity. And on that front, this video just made my day.

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Image via Girl Pants Productions/YouTube

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