​​Dad Explains Why Most Men Can't Afford Stay-At-Home Moms


Sure, dads may say they value the work done by their wives if they're stay-at-home moms ... only one dad named Steven Nelms has found a far more precise way to voice his appreciation: by saying he can't afford a stay-at-home mom at all. 


To drive home his point, Nelms -- a writer on the website We Are Glory -- describes the "value" of his wife's work as a SAHM in terms of how much money she'd make if she were hired to do the same job for someone else, working as a nanny, housekeeper, cook, and more that typically falls in the realm of SAHM responsibilities. Based on the going rate for these tasks, here's his tally of how "valuable" a SAHM's work is:

Caring for kids: $36,660/year

Housecleaning: $5,200/year

Shopping: $13,520/year

Cooking: $12,480/year

Budgeting/bill paying: $15/hour

Laundry: $25/week

The grand total "value" of a SAHM? $73,960 per year. That's an impressive salary -- particularly compared to Nelms, who admits to making under $50,000 per year himself. That, in a nutshell, is why this guy says he can't afford a stay-at-home mom.

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Talk about a clever and clear way for a dad to express his appreciation for all his wife does! Being a SAHM really is the most highly valued yet underpaid position out there. As a working mom who's done stints as a SAHMs, it's definitely grueling work. I couldn't do it. Yet even now, as a working mom, I fall into the trap of thinking "Gee, wouldn't it be a vacation to be a SAHM ... " So, it's nice to get a reminder that it's not all that.

I really hope this helps everyone see just how valuable SAHMs are -- not in a "they're wonderful" way but in clear-cut dollars and cents. And moms, whenever you feel unappreciated, keep this number in mind: $73,960. That's nothing to sneeze at.

How valuable do you think stay-at-home moms are?


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