Woman Still Keeps Sweet Lunchbox Note From Her Dad on Fridge ... 20 Years Later

Doesn't it feel like 90 percent of the nice things you do for your kids go unnoticed or unremembered? Yeah, they're probably not going to think to thank you for remembering to buy their favorite kind of cookie at the grocery store. But sometimes, those little gestures do stick with them -- and for longer than you might think. One girl has kept her dad's sweet lunchbox note since she was 8 ... and now she's 31.


Katie Rogal posted a photo of her dad's note on Reddit, saying that it's been hanging on every fridge she's had since college. It's silly and yellowed and really just one of many notes she's gotten from her father over the years, but for some reason, this one in particular has stuck with her:

These aren't tears in our eyes. Those are tears in YOUR eyes.

How amazing is it to see proof that having fun with kids and telling them how much you love them really does make a difference to them ... even if it doesn't seem like it at the time?

It's also adorable how much Katie clearly loves her dad, and how obvious it is that that's reciprocated. 

Katie's dad, Jim, said that he wrote silly notes like this one for Katie and her brother all the time and that this one in particular was one of his favorites, too.

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He's also been saving notes and letters from both his kids from over the years, but he said that they were ernest and loving where he was goofy and fun. That sounds about right, no?

Katie posted the picture of the note on Reddit last week and said she was overwhelmed by all the positive response it received. Redditors commented with their own sweet (or sometimes sad) stories of their dads. This kind of story makes you appreciate what you have with your dad or with your kids ... or both, if you're lucky.

After reading that, how could you do anything but hide an "I love you" reminder under some pillows or in afternoon snacks? Every kid deserves to hear it. And who knows? Maybe this will be The Note that sticks around for another twenty years.

Where is your favorite place to leave notes for your kids?


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