Dad Invents 'Breastfeeding Tent' So We Don't Get Grossed Out By Moms Who Nurse in Public

breastfeeding tent

Ever get dirty looks when you breastfeed in public? Well, one dad has come up with a neat solution: a wearable breastfeeding tent. Now you can nurse anywhere, anytime, without flashing your boobs to bystanders!


Well, in case you haven't guessed, this product is just a parody -- created by Andy Herald, a 39-year-old graphic designer in Pasadena, California and co-founder of How To Be A Dad, a site that pokes fun at parenting issues ranging from toilet training to Frozen overload.

Herald launched the site four years ago to help parents gain some levity over their parenting struggles. Product parodies like diaper thongs, Grand Theft Lego, and the wearable breastfeeding tents are among his most popular posts.

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"I got the idea because with our last baby, I noticed my wife never nurses in public," he says. He didn't need to ask why, because he knew. "The breastfeeding shamers," he says.

So Herald designed a photo of this fake product from "Colemom," and posted it alongside a fake review. Since going live, the post has gone viral and been shared nearly 20,000 times.

"The reaction has been ... interesting," Herald admits. "While most people get that it's a satire, there's been varying levels of stupidity below that. Some online commentators have yelled at me for how foolish this was, not understanding that the product was fake. Meanwhile, one mom actually said she would wear it. Another priceless comment came from a troll who was clearly just trying to kick the beehive. He said women don't want to stop breastfeeding in public because they're having orgasms while they do it." 

But one thing that's nice and unique about covering breastfeeding is that the audience "is the most positively engaged, and self-cleansing," he says. In other words, if some troll does come in and bash breastfeeding, the pro-breastfeeders pounce until that comment is buried in ridicule.

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"Breastfeeding is unique in that those against it seem ot know they don't have a good platform to stand on," says Herald. "After all, this is what women's bodies are intended for!"

His one quibble is how pro-breastfeeders asked him to edit out any mention of bottle feeding.

"What if dad wants to feed the baby so mom doesn't have nervous breakdown?" he points out. "The whole point of the website is to chill out! Shit happens, figuratively and literally. You won't be a better parent if you're anxious and doubtful. Hopefully just knowing that other parents are having similar problems will help keep us all from killing our kids. Because if they weren't so cute, we'd kill them."

How do you feel about nursing in public?


Image via How To Be a Dad

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