The 10 Voices Every Mom Uses at Least Once a Day ​

mom shoutingAs moms, we know that kids don't always listen to what we're saying -- but they do pay attention to how we say it. That's why most mothers have a variety of voices: Whether it's a no-nonsense growl, an impatient mutter, or an overly emphatic stage whisper, we're experts at changing our tone to suit any given occasion (and to get whatever point we're trying to make across!).


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Of course every mom has her own distinct repertoire of voices, but there are a few standards nearly every mama on the planet uses on an almost daily basis. Such as:

1. The Hush-Hush

walking dead

OMG, the baby finally fell asleep! Just ... nobody make a sound!

2. The Steely Growl 

walter white

You just got on my last nerve, kid. 

3. The Panic-in-the-Supermarket Scream

kristen wiig

OMG, where the hell is my kid?? He was right next to me one second ago and then -- there he is, THANK GOD!!! 

4. The Fed-up Mutter 

game of thrones

You call these dishes clean?! 

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5. The "Somebody Kill Me" Stammer

house md

Didn't you just tell me that same story two minutes ago? And two minutes before that?!

6. The Nervous Chatter 

parks and rec

Are you sure you're old enough to go to the mall alone?? Maybe I'll just tag along to be safe!

7. The Migraine Mumble

cameron diaz

Talk to me after my coffee, m'kay?

8. The Grimacing Grumble


Great job. Really.I'm not disappointed in you AT ALL.

9. The Suspiciously Happy Sing-Song 

jon stewart

Nope, this won't hurt a bit -- and then you'll get a lollipop!

10. The Don't-Even-Think-About-It Drawl


Not gonna happen. Not now, not ever. Nice try, though.

Which of these "mom voices" is most familiar to you, or should we say to your kids?

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