This Little Girl's Reaction to Becoming a Big Sister Really Stinks (VIDEO)

big sister

After you're told your partner, and maybe your parents and best friends, the next step is to reveal the pregnancy to your children. So how do you really expect them to react when you tell them they're going to be a big brother or sister? Well, not quite like this. The parents of two-year-old Kathryn revealed she was going to be a big sister and her reaction? Priceless.


It all started so sweet and innocent. Dad sat down with the soon-to-be big sis, and Mom grabbed the camera. Dad revealed the book and gently explained exactly what it would mean.

But Kathryn had other things on her mind. Take a look at the best pregnancy announcement reaction:

"I farted."

Need we say more? That's really all there is. Sorry little brother or sister, your news has to wait. There are more important things on little Kathyn's mind.

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Let's give her all the awards, give her all the "Big Sister" swag, because she's going to be that little one's first and best (and possibly forever) role model. She's got the system hacked and clearly knows how to work the older sibling role.

Even Dad can't handle it. And if that second baby is half as sassy as this one, we wish the parents the best of luck. And congratulations to Kathryn, who may or may not have finally registered the news.

How did you announce your pregnancy to your children?



Image via Someecards/YouTube

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