Confessions From 'Bad' Parents Take Over Instagram

kid crying

Is your kid in the middle of an epic meltdown because you gave her a broken granola bar, or wouldn't let him play with a drill? Then you're a prime candidate for assholeparents, an Instagram account where parents upload photos of the "awful" things they've done to make their kids cry.


Kristen Howerton, a mom and blogger at Rage Against The Minivan, started this Instagram account to help parents gain a much-needed sense of humor over their kids' meltdowns (her own included). Check out a few gems below:

Not being allowed to watch Baby Einstein videos during breakfast? Call child services.

Here's proof that parents don't even have to DO anything to be jerks. All they have to do is stand back and watch their kids get all bent out of shape over some miniscule problem. Which is all our fault, of course.

Imagine, parent forces kids to wear funny moustache ... so cruel!

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Clearly, parents can't win. But hey, at least rather than trying to stem the waterworks, they now have something far more fun to try: snap a photo and post it so we can all have a laugh and not take parenting all so seriously.

What's the most ridiculous way you've made your kid cry?


Images via assholeparents/Instagram

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