Meghan Trainor's 'Dear Future Husband' Video: Why My Kids Won't Be Watching It

meghan trainorA video was made for the song "Dear Future Husband" by "All About that Bass" singer Meghan Trainor and it's so full of insanity, it's nearly funny. But it's not. The little diddy is Trainor's message on what a man should and shouldn't do to keep his lady happy. Happy wife, happy life kind of stuff. Only I wouldn't want my daughter or son watching it because it sends an awful message.


Meghan's only 21. I can only imagine that there are dozens of people trying to manage her and tell her what she should be doing with that sweet voice of hers. But this video, which opens with the perfect house with the white picket fence is way too much of a throwback in a negative way that I'm not sure why anyone signed off on it.

It's Meghan in these sexy outfits scrubbing the floor and burning pies. In one scene one of those potential "future husbands" serves her a plate of food with one tiny thing on it. I know that's cool in some restaurants, but to me, seeing that here, in this setting, makes me just think the guy isn't all about her bass if you know what I'm saying. She, as in Meghan, is trying to seem like the one in power here with her letter to her guy, but the whole thing is coming off like she's a damsel who needs saving and help cracking eggs (and a mop so she doesn't have to lie on the floor) and if she gets that help, she'll give her man head ... or kisses, I guess.

For me, what's missing is the part where we see it's in jest. It should be, but it's not. It's not necessarily the song lyrics, but the video that upsets me. I want other women Meghan's age and all the younger ones who watch the video to see it as tongue-in-cheek. But the lyrics and video are just backing it up that to be a good husband, all you need to do is give a girl a nice ring, be a strong man and hit the bell at the carnival with that hammer, and tell your woman she's beautiful while she's at home being a bad cook and cleaning the floor in heels.

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Look, I agree with this to some extent. We should be told we're beautiful. We should wear heels if we want to whenever we want to. I want my daughter to value herself and make sure the person she falls in loves with values her as well. This could include buying tokens of love, being a strong person (and I don't mean physically), and making sure she knows she's loved. But the whole package of video and lyrics make me cringe and makes me never want my daughter or son to see this and think this is the way it's done.

Of course they won't. I'm their mom. My kids know that scrubbing the floor while lying on your stomach in heels and a tight skirt isn't the way to clean. They know that a woman's place isn't in the kitchen perplexed by an egg. They know a woman can create and nurture life in her incredible body giving her superhero qualities that far surpass being able to bake a perfect apple pie. But the sexist message is there, some might think it's cute and most alarming, they may think this is the way it is or the way it should be. I have no issue cooking and cleaning the house. But that's not what this is saying. I wish Meghan (and those behind this video) didn't further the questionable lyrics and instead showed a better message to future husbands and wives. I liked her better when she harmlessly picked on skinny girls.

What do you think of "Dear Future Husband"? Do you think it sends a bad message to kids?

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