Site Links Vaccines to Drug Addiction to Poke Fun at Ridiculous Debate (PHOTO)​

Do you vaccinate? These days, you might as well ask a mom if she spanks her children. The contention between the vax and non-vax crowds has reached new levels of judgment recently, especially considering the measles outbreaks in certain parts of the country. But one Facebook group has injected humor into the situation, with a viral post about vaccinations leading to heroin addiction.


A lot of people were taken in at first, which just goes to show you how crazy this debate over vaccines has gotten. It seems like it should be, at first glance, obviously satirical. I mean really, vaccinations leading to heroin use? What the what? Take a look and judge for yourself:

The Facebook group Feminists Against Vaccination added the caption, "Studies have shown that vaccines serve as a gateway drug to heroin. The patriarchy has been known to employ the use of heroin to keep women under their power by keeping them addicted," along with the hashtags #‎ResistVaccines and #‎ResistHeroin.

Some people got really taken in by it! Like this comment from Trudy Scott, "I have seen some pretty stupid stuff on Facebook but this just jumped to the top of the list!!!"

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Or this one from Adam Hickey that I particularly enjoy, "What a load of shit! Did you hear that children who inhale ventolin for asthma are 85% more likely to smoke crack because it leaves a lasting psychological belief that inhaling things is beneficial."

This is a gem from Debbie Goodwin:

OK, this is obviously satire (we're just going to consider it satire because we refuse to believe that people actually think this way), intended to poke fun at the anti-vaccination crowd. But you know what? It goes both ways.

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Because there are people ready to believe that there are people that actually feel this way about vaccines. It highlights the ridiculousness on both sides. It's a nice way to take a deep breath, and realize that while some of us vaccinate, and others choose not to, we're all parents trying to do right by our kids.

Plus, any time you can inject Walking Dead references into a serious topic like this is a win.

The fact of the matter is that there are people who feel very passionately about vaccinations, on both sides of the issue. Sometimes it take a humorous post like this to make us laugh and recognize that even though we hold certain beliefs, none of us are as crazy as this. 

Did you think this was satire at first?


Image via Sanofi Pasteur/Flickr

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