18 Tattoos That Capture the Magic of Breastfeeding

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 25, 2015 Being a Mom
18 Tattoos That Capture the Magic of Breastfeeding

breastfeeding tattooNursing mamas tend to wear their breastfeeding love proudly, and why shouldn't they? Breast, as they say, is best. From feeding baby in public, to proclaiming their love for the "liquid gold," there's one more way many moms are showing off their baby feeding work: breastfeeding tattoos.

After all, when the hard work of making -- and often pumping -- milk is done, what's left to commemorate all those months of nursing in the trenches? How about breastfeeding ink? 

Weaning may come one day, and the nursing may end, but the tattoo lives on!

From the colorful intricate ones, to the small silhouettes, each of these breastfeeding tattoos comes from a real, and proud, nursing mom. Beautiful Breastfeeding Tattoo Ideas

We can't pick a favorite, but #13's simplicity is just breathtaking, don't you think?



Image via momo.handmade/Instagram


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