Dad & 5-Year-Old Daughter Recreate Iconic Pictures of Famous Black Women (PHOTOS)

young girl dressed as toni morrisonGiving children strong role models and historical figures to aspire to is one of the many ways to motivate and push them toward greatness. Showing our kids that the generations who came before us were powerful, inspirational, and influential helps to show them that they are also capable of achieving the same status. And that's exactly what one dad is doing by dressing and photographing his young daughter in the likeness of powerful and historical black figures.


It all started when Bushelle's wife found a similar concept online. Together, they talked about the massive power of imagery and how they can help teach their 5-year-old daughter Lily. "We thought it would be important to recreate iconic photos so our daughter could feel a connection to these amazing women who came before her," Bushelle tells The Stir.

And so, together, they set out on this inspiring project. "This has been so encouraging and I certainly want to keep the momentum going," he adds. "We will continue to do the iconic photos. We wanted to educate our daughter. We had no idea it would reach, touch, and teach so many people."

Take a look at the slideshow for their favorite snapshots.

Which one is your favorite?



Image via Marc Bushelle Photography

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