12 Moms Share Their Weirdest Playdate (Horror) Stories

whispering girlAh, playdates. The name suggests a pleasant visit amongst youngsters.  But if you've ever played host to a playdate or taken your kid to meet a new friend, you know that's not always the way things unfold -- not by far. So what could possibly go wrong?



Think you've been on the strangest playdate ever? Just wait ... the moms who shared their strange get-togethers may have you beat:

  1. "[A] mom came into my home, handed her child to me, looked me straight in the eye and said, 'I'm going to take a nap.' For the next hour and a half, she slept on my couch while I played with her toddler. After the playdate, I gently woke her up. She popped up, grabbed her child and left. Not another word out of her. She obviously needed sleep!"
  2. "[The neighborhood kids] were playing with chalk on the driveway while the moms were hanging on the porch. We had no idea what they were drawing -- buses we thought -- but by the end, I had six rather large penises drawn on my driveway! It never rains where I live, so that art will be memorialized there for quite some time."
  3. "A mom brought her 2-year-old son over for a first playdate without mom ... When I opened the door, she handed me a plastic potty and a large bag of clothes. 'We just started potty training and he doesn't seem to understand yet so there have been a lot of accidents. See you in three hours!' I was too stunned to say anything as she ran off."
  4. "One day a mom with a 4-year-old came over. I could smell his stinky diaper when they walked in the house, and I mentioned it to the mom, but she ignored me. She ended up getting on a call for 45 minutes, while her kid sat there reeking up the joint."
  5. "I had a friend and her little girl come over for lunch. I'd made quiche and muffins, and my friend fed her daughter everything ... and then the little girl threw up all over the living room! My friend later told me that she had suspected her daughter might have an egg allergy ... I wish she'd just told me and I'd have found something else for the little girl to eat!"
  6. "I walked down the hallway to check on my kids who were playing with their friends ... and my friend, their mom, was peeing in my bathroom with the door open!"

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  7. "We went to a playdate where the host's boy brought out toys -- like a massive thing of water balloons -- then proceeded to play with them while refusing to let any other child touch them. He'd sneer at them and say that they were his, no one else was allowed to touch his things. His parents just sat there, no change of expression, no corrections ... they acted like this was totally normal and acceptable behavior for a 5-year-old. I packed my son up and left.
  8. "I was a teenager, and I went on a play date for my 5-year-old brother. The dad came home and started flirting with me ... with his wife sitting right there! Then she told me later that I was rude for asking him to stop."
  9. "At a play date for 2-year-olds, the parents wanted all the kids to play outside and stay outside, yet provided no toys for the kids to play with: no balls, no bubbles, no nothing!"
  10. "I once hosted a play date but told the other mom the kids could only play up until the time we'd have to leave for a doctor's appointment. That time came, and the 4-year-old didn't want to go ... but Mom did nothing to collect him. He'd run around past her, she'd call "let's go," but she never raised her voice or made a move to call him. After 45 minutes, I finally took my three kids and walked out the front door ... and he followed us!"
  11. "We showed up at a playdate to a TV blaring a rated R movie. The mom said she left the TV on to drown out her kids' shrieking. Sure enough, the shrieking soon began ... then, I heard a massive bang. We ran down to the basement to find her son literally swinging from the drapes like Tarzan. The mom laughed and said, 'This room is where the kids play, so we try not to have rules for this room.'"

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  12. "My son got invited to a birthday party and he tried to tell me he didn't want to go, but I told him it wasn't nice. When I went to pick him up I was very nervous -- judging a book by its cover, this house was in shambles. When the door opened, I realized it was not the family I thought it was! There were only two other kids there and one was the birthday boy ... who was in his underwear! I got out of there as politely and as quickly as I could. My son still refers to him as underwear boy!"

What's the weirdest play date you've been on?


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