Little Boy's 'Shopping List' for Sick Mom: Lobster Tail, Margarita & Roses (Be Still Our Hearts)

Mom, when you're sick, the only thing you want is some love from the kids and a few pick-me-ups to get you out of that sniffle rut. But one kid has officially hacked the system and figured out exactly how to help mom get better. The little boy wrote a letter to his best friend's mom detailing exactly what his Mom needs during recovery. And it's all about the extravagant niceties, and, of course, some margaritas.


And the number one comment on Reddit sums it up perfectly: "He'll make a great husband one day." We couldn't agree more. Take a look:

First of all, is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen? He's trying his hardest to care for Mom while she's under the weather, and doing it in the best way he knows how: He went directly to another adult and asked for help.

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And it looks like he has some expensive tastes, on Mom's behalf. Never mind the roses and the card, which are perfect "get well soon" staples for anyone on the mend, but the last two items leave us wishing all kids would think like this one.

How could you not get better after having some lobster tail and margaritas? That's the ultimate cure for any sickness, and naturally what any doctor would order.

And obviously a sign of parenting done right. That part is definite. Nice job, Mom, for raising such an attentive and aware little boy. This is one kid you can always count on. 

What do you think of this kid's letter?



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