14 Not-Too-Mean April Fools Pranks to Pull on Your Kids​

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 19, 2015 Being a Mom

toothbrush and mustard april fools day prank for kidsOn April 1st, no one is safe. Not even the kids. April Fools' Day pranks are the stuff of legends. They run the gamut from mean to helplessly hilarious. So get the kids in on the fun. Harmlessly, of course.

We chatted with moms about the funniest April Fools' Day pranks they've ever played on their kids, and some of these tricks are so hilarious, you'll want to add them to your repertoire.

So get planning, stock up on supplies, and wait for them to go to sleep. Then, let the fun begin.

April Fool's Pranks to Pull on Kids

Have you ever thought to do #6? It's the stuff of an evil genius!



Image via Lady Create-a-Lot


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