Bride & Groom's Wedding Kiss Is, Like, Totally Disgusting to This Kid (VIDEO)​

wedding kiss

You never know what's going to come out of a kid's mouth -- or when! As proof, look no further than this wedding video of Allyson and Mike DuBois from Salt Lake City, Utah as they exchange vows. All is going as planned until the bride and groom kiss ... at which point a boy in the audience proclaims his disgust with an audible "Eww."


Luckily, everyone cracks up -- including the bride and groom. And while wedding videos can be pretty tame viewing material most times, this one will no doubt by shared and laughed about for years to come. Take a look:

Classic, huh? We'll bet this little boy had no idea his distaste for mushy stuff would go viral.

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But hey, that's the beauty of kids -- they often speak before they think, regardless of the solemnity of the occasion. Awards ceremony? Funeral? Kids just let it all hang out!

Have your kids ever said or done anything inappropriate in public?


Image via WeddingMan123/YouTube

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