50 Things Never to Do With Someone Else's Kid (Got That, Grandma?)

crazy grandmaEvery parent has different expectations and ideas about what's appropriate for their kids. Some families don't allow sugar cereals, and other might not allow screen time on school nights. Some girls get their ears pierced as infants, other have to wait until they're 13, if they get them at all.


We know that we can't have total control of our kids as they grow up, but we do hope that some of our parenting boundaries remain intact, even when our kids go to visit friends or relatives. So we put together a list of things you should avoid when you find yourself in charge of children who are not yours because, after all, you wouldn't want anyone doing them with your kids!

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Here are 50 things you should never do with someone else's kid (at least not without permission).

  1. Spank them
  2. Pierce their ears
  3. Cut their hair
  4. Get them vaccinated
  5. Give them prescription medication
  6. Breastfeed them
  7. Take them out of the state
  8. Take them out of the country
  9. Go skydiving
  10. Take them for a mani-pedi
  11. Get them a tattoo
  12. Go for a motorcycle ride
  13. Ignore diet restrictions
  14. Take them to your place of worship
  15. Baptize them
  16. Let them have a sip of your beer
  17. Give them their own beer
  18. Smoke in front of them
  19. Give them a cigarette
  20. Teach them how to use tampons
  21. Take them to see Fifty Shades of Grey
  22. Give them a bath
  23. Bathe with them
  24. Serve cake for breakfast
  25. Play violent video games
  26. Send them to the park to play ... by themselves
  27. Take them to the hospital (unless they're not breathing or in need of medical attention, of course)
  28. Tell them there's no Santa, Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy
  29. Post pictures of them on social media
  30. Show them your firearms
  31. Let them shoot your firearms
  32. Change clothes in front of them
  33. Buy them a bikini
  34. Let them stay up all night
  35. Introduce coffee
  36. Introduce Diet Coke
  37. Introduce Red Bull

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  38. Drive them without a booster or car seat (if they're still supposed to be in one)
  39. Drive with them in the front seat (if they're still too young to sit there)
  40. Teach them to drive
  41. Teach them how to shave their legs
  42. Take them for a cosmetic surgery consultation
  43. Let them handle power tools
  44. Borrow money from them
  45. Lend them large sums of cash
  46. Let them sleep in your bed
  47. Gossip with them
  48. Scream or cuss at them
  49. Take them to Planned Parenthood
  50. Show them an R-rated movie

What would tick you off if someone did it with your kids without your permission?


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