Mom to Boy Who Wants to Date Her Daughter: Back Off! (VIDEO)

dear boy who likes my daughterTeenage relationships may be confusing, awkward, and complicated. But there's one thing that is abundantly clear: If a girl says no, that means no. And boys, you better listen, says YouTube vlogger Doe Eyes, who just posted a video message to the "Dear Boy Who Likes My Daughter." And let it be a lesson to any teenage romantics.


She's quick to point out the differences between possible romances. If a girl checks the "maybe" box on the "Will you go out with me? Check 'yes,' 'no,' 'maybe'" card, that's leaves potential for a future chance. If she asks you to ask again later, that also doesn't fully close the door.

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But if she says "no," that's a firm "no."

There's a line between pursuing a potential love interest and harassment. Continuing to ask someone out isn't cute in a "I will not quit until I get you" way. It's inappropriate, intimidating, and coercive.

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It's one of the first words we ever learn. For some, hilariously enough, it's the very first. But "no" has one clear definition. It's an immediate stoppage and rejection. There is no other interpretation. It doesn't warrant a negotiation. It doesn't mean, "no, but keep doing it" or "no, not right now."

It is, and should be, the end.

No relationship will ever start with "no." You need respect, mutual interest, and complete and undeniable agreement in order to begin one.

Thank you, Mom, for this important lesson.

How do you talk to your children about harrassment?


Image via DoeEyes/YouTube

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