22 Birthday Cakes for Little Boys Gone Very, Very Wrong (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 18, 2015 Being a Mom

boys birthday cake failsYou order a simple "Happy Birthday, Son" cake only to find that the baker has flubbed every single possible word. Or you request a cartoon character-shaped creation, yet when you pick it up, the end result looks like a mangled doodle. It's your worst nightmare, but birthday cake fails are real and do happen. So prepare yourselves, parents.

From the good, to the bad, to the ugly (but mostly the bad and ugly), we've sourced the most hilarious boys' cake fails from around the Internet. And they'll all inspire you to stand right beside the cake decorator as he slowly pipes each letter of the message. It's the only way to ensure you get what you paid for. 

#10 is just plain embarrassing! How could that pass in the store?



Image via yesnorma/Instagram


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