14 Breastfeeding Comments Only Kids Could Get Away With

little boy shockedMaybe they've been breastfed from the beginning, but at some point, kids learn to talk. And when they learn to talk, some doozies come out of their mouths about everything: even the way many babies eat their lunch and dinner.


And then, every now and again, kids surprise you with some hilarious commentary that'll just leave you wondering how the heck you should really have explained the phenomenon of nursing.

So for that, we went to moms to ask about the craziest things their children have ever said about breastfeeding. They will make you laugh, make you cry and might inspire a talk with your own kiddos.

  1. "First time my older son saw me nurse my younger son, he freaked out and asked why his brother was eating me!"
  2. "My son's father took him to the grocery story and as they passed the formula, my son announced, 'We don't need any of that because Mommy feeds babies with her boobs!'"
  3. "My kids still ask for milkies. Just the other day, my daughter said, 'Mama, you have no more milky in there, right? It's just in the fridge.'"
  4. "I breastfed for a little over a year. When my daughter was around 3 or 4, we were in the doctor's office with yet another ear infection, and she yelled out to a crowded waiting room, 'Breastfeeding doesn't help! I always get ear infections!' There was a mom breastfeeding her infant right there, so it did start an interesting dialogue while we waited."

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  5. "On the way to preschool, my son asked me when I was going to get milk out of my boobies again because it reminded him of a cow and he loves cows."
  6. "In Build-a-Bear, my daughter saw a woman breastfeeding. She got good and close to her and said, 'Look Mommy, he is eating her boobies like me and Ashlen ate yours.'"
  7. "My sister-in-law is pregnant with her third, and they have a farm. Her oldest boy, who's 4, asked if the baby would eat pizza and stuff when it gets here. So she explained to him that they baby would just drink milk from the Mommy for a while. He got the strangest look on his face and says, 'You mean you have to go to the barn so Daddy can milk you?!'"
  8. "While explaining to my 9-year-old what breastfeeding was, he responded, 'So you're like a cow?' Yes, exactly like a cow."
  9. "My breastfed daughter likes to say, 'Hi, nipple! I love you!' to my breasts."

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  10. "My youngest son was 4 when he found out he was getting a sister, and we wanted to prepare him for breastfeeding. The baby got here, and we were walking through the store and she got fussy and he yelled really loud, 'She wants to eat your boob, Mom!'"
  11. "My daughter saw a woman at a store one day who had large breasts and yelled, 'Wow, Mommy! Her baby must be really thirsty!'"
  12. "When my 3-year-old was playing with his baby doll, he said she was hungry so I told him to feed her. With a look on his face, like he thought I was dumb, he said, 'Mom, I got no milk in my boobies!'"
  13. "My kid points to ladies' chests while they're pregnant and says, 'Baby num nums!'"
  14. "My daughter told my mother that she couldn't breastfeed because her 'boobs were all dried up and full of dust.'"

What's the craziest thing your child has ever said about breastfeeding?



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