7-Week-Old Baby Can Already Say 'Hello' (VIDEO)

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All moms eagerly await their baby's first word, which typically arrives around the one-year mark. Yet a video of a baby saying his first word at 7 weeks has parents divided over what they're hearing: Is the infant really speaking, or was it just a happy accident of sounds that resemble a word?


The baby in question is named Cillian McCann, and lives in Belfast, Ireland. Mom Toni was videotaping what she'd assumed would be a one-way conversation where she greets her baby with "hello." She was shocked when her baby answered back! Check out her video below:

The proud parents posted this video on Facebook, where it quickly went viral, with friends and strangers alike hailing this infant as a genius. And we've gotta admit, it's pretty cute!

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Still, though ... not to rain on this parade, but I've heard a lot of baby babbling that sounds like words but really isn't. It's a bit like how parents are delighted to see their baby smile, but it's really just gas.

And besides, if this kid had really mastered speech at such a wee age, wouldn't he be able to repeat this feat? Yet the mom admits he hasn't said anything since, although she swears that based on his mouth movements, it looks like he's "trying."

Well, keep trying, kiddo, and keep your video recorder within reach mama! I sure hope this is the first of many videos of her amazing talking infant, although I might not hold my breath waiting for more.

Do you think this 7-week-old is really talking?


Image via Seregraff/shutterstock

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