​6 Times a Flask Inside Your Baby Carrier Could Save Your Life

This is something all moms might need. Or dads for that matter. A project on Kickstarter has outlined the concept for a hidden flask ... in a fake baby carrier.


OK, it sounds a little weird totally bizarre, but talk about "Mother's Little Helper!" The Cool Baby consists of a realistic looking baby doll in a front carrier, but inside this little guy is a 36 oz. insulated beverage container. The straw comes up the back of baby's head, so just make like you're kissing your little guy and secretly take a swig of whatever you've filled him with.

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You've been there. The end of your mom rope -- about to completely lose your marbles. Don't worry, baby with a flask is there for you!

Like when you've found almost everything you need at Target, but you have to walk past the toy department for one more thing, and all three kids are in tow. They want, they want, they want! Don't stress about it because you've got ...

Flask Inside a Baby Carrier!

Or what about the piano recital with your precious little darling and ten other students plonking and planking their ways through "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb"? Your ears might be bleeding if you didn't have ...

Flask Inside a Baby Carrier!

Crap -- you ran into braggy mom at the library. Now you'll have to listen to her blab away about how her perfect kid has already graduated out of the children's section and is browsing biographies of Abe Lincoln for some light reading. It's usually hard not to roll your eyes at her, but not this time, because you have ...

Flask Inside a Baby Carrier!

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It's parent/teacher conference time, and you're dreading hearing the report on your kid from the teacher who supposedly "hates him" and keeps him in from recess at least twice a week. Don't be nervous that your kid might be a hellion, you've got ...

Flask Inside a Baby Carrier!

Chuck E. Cheese's. Amirite? Just hand over some tokens and relax though, because you have ...

Flask Inside a Baby Carrier!

You've somehow been convinced to sign up for a free class at one of those indoor baby gyms. You were all about it with your first precious little one, so maybe it's out of guilt (and love of free stuff) that you finally decide to take your second child -- when he's two. You've forgot how many other kids have so much snot at that age, but instead of freaking out about germs, you figure it will build his immune system, because this time you have ...

Flask Inside a Baby Carrier!

When would you use your Flask Inside a Baby Carrier?


Image via Kickstarter

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