​7 Convincing Arguments to Get Dad to Help With the Kids

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Wishing your husband would load the dishwasher or change the diapers more often? Consider sharing this list of all the good things that ensue when your husband pitches in more with child care of domestic duties. Because aside from the obvious of taking a load off your shoulders, egalitarian households result in more ambitious daughters, happier dads, and even some perks for both of you come bedtime! Read on for more details on these surprising benefits below.

  1. Helping at home lengthens men's lives. One study from the University of Michigan found that men (or women) who spent at least 14 hours per week helping a spouse with their daily lives actually lived longer than those who left their partner to their own devices. Plus, fatherhood has also been shown to lower blood pressure and rates of heart disease and substance abuse in men. Talk about some good reasons to pitch in!
  2. Your daughters will be more ambitious. A University of British Columbia found that dads who do as much housework as their wives end up with daughters with broader career aspirations than just stereotypical "female" jobs like nurse or teacher. Instead, they aim to become engineers, astronauts, heck, maybe even President of the United States!
  3. Your sons will be feminists. Like father like son: studies show that dads who embrace household duties breed feminist sonswho will be equally egalitarian once they're in romantic relationships themselves.

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  4. It makes men happier. Believe it or not, the more time working men spend watching their kids, the happier and less stressed they become. That's the exact opposite from women, who feel more stressed when they spend more time with their kids, perhaps because they feel their career is threatened, while men feel more bulletproof on that front. In either case it's a good argument to get hubs to clock fewer hours at the office!
  5. It fast tracks YOUR career. One study of 25,000 Harvard Business School graduates found that many female grads weren't meeting their career goals. The reason? It wasn't because they were "opting out" of the work force once motherhood hit, as many think. It's because they were merely prioritizing their husband's careers over their own. Find a husband who realizes it's a give and take, and your career prospects are bound to benefit; many of the most famous female CEOs had spouses who stayed at home or dialed back their careers, from Xerox's Ursula Burns to PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi.
  6. A stronger marriage. A study by the University of Missouri and Utah State University found that couples who share household duties and child care are happier -- and have more stable marriages.
  7. You'll have more sex. That's right -- when hubs cleans the john or mops the floor, it's a turn-on. According to one study by Montclair and Arizona State University in Tempe, husbands who do more housework have more sex with their partners. It's called "choreplay," mmmkay?

How much does your husband pitch in at home?


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