13 Things Moms Let the Kids Get Away With When Dad's Not Around

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Alright, we all might sneak an extra piece of candy or let the kids spend an extra hour in front of the television when the other parent isn't around, but that's no cardinal sin. The real stuff, the scary stuff, we'll barely admit and refuse to say out loud ... until now.


We chatted with moms to find out what crazy things they've done with the kids when their kids' other parent wasn't there to stop it. And, people, these confessions are no joke.

Brace yourselves!

  1. "I had them baptized at church because I don't want them to be Mormon like he is."
  2. "[My husband] is so over-protective that we sometimes call him Mr. Safety Patrol. That being said, when he isn't around, I will go to the basement where the 'unsafe toys' were banned to and bring them up for my son to play with. Example: a bean bag chair. I'll say, 'Jump away kid, but just don't let your father know when he gets home.'"
  3. "I'll let my son play video games all day. Not kidding. Really, all day. He's supposed to have an hour limit."
  4. "Skittles for dinner. Just plain Skittles, in a bowl, as their meal. Oops."
  5. "I let the dog lick the kids' dishes clean. My husband has no idea."
  6. "I let my 3-year-old watch The Walking Dead. She might be a little scared, but she absolutely loves it, and so do I. I can't help it."

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  7. "Sometimes, before their father picks them up for his weekend, I keep them up really late so they're really tired by the time he arrives. If they nap during their time together, oh well!"
  8. "He made a 'No Technology!' rule for mornings. Guess what the kids did yesterday? They ate breakfast in front of the TV while playing games on their tablet."
  9. "My husband is big on following movie ratings. If something is PG-13, that means you don't watch until you're 13. He doesn't know I let the 2-year-old watch Jurassic Park."
  10. "On mornings when I don't feel well, I just sit in the kitchen, close my eyes, and tell the kids that they can just make their own lunch. Once, I found out that my son just brought a whole jar of Nutella to school."
  11. "We're a 'vegetarian' family, but every now and then, we'll make a trip to Burger King or McDonald's after school for a burger."
  12. "I tell them I love them way more than their father."
  13. "I've secretly hired a maid, who arrives after my husband leaves for work and leaves before he comes home. He thinks I do it all, but I definitely have some help."

What's the worst thing you've done when your co-parent isn't there?



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