Adults Who Work With Kids Should Be Forced to Get Vaccinations


With the threat of measles in the air, literally, lawmakers have taken action: They've proposed a bill requiring that all child care and preschool workers get vaccinated against a variety of contagious diseases.


Currently in most states, immunizations aren't required for these professionals, but according to Tony Mendoza -- the senator behind this bill in California -- mandating them makes sense since they work closely with so many kids.

And I have to agree it's a good idea. It's one thing for parents to forego vaccines for themselves or their own kids. But if you've chosen a job that requires working with hoards of kids day in and day out, I think you forfeit the right to say no to vaccines. In my mind, letting an unvaccinated child care worker mingle with kids is akin to letting a school bus driver drive drunk: it just puts too many kids at risk!

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Take the recent measles outbreak, for instance. If an unvaccinated day care worker caught the virus somewhere then went to work, the other kids would have a 90 percent chance of catching measles themselves -- and two to three of every 1,000 kids die from this disease. What kind of person would want that on their conscience?

As a mom whose daughter caught all kinds of nasty things at day care, I can say from personal experience that I was tempted to send her there wearing a face mask, or just keep her home to avoid the next scourge. Knowing that those employees were vaccinated would have eased my jitters immensely. Any politicians want to propose a similar bill in New York where I live?

How do you feel about requiring vaccines for people who work with kids?


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